Re-imagine pain care.

We support clinics and workplaces to provide innovative pain programs that change lives.

Re-imagine pain care

Put the caring in pain care

Chronic pain is complex. Not just physiologically, but socially and economically. Our range of professional services gives individual clinicians, workplaces and large health centres the skills to design pain programs that address the special needs of their community and turn a good pain program, into a great one.

Individual coaching

For physiotherapists, psychologists and clinicians who want to improve the way the communicate with pain patients.

Transition programs

We work with you to design the programs you wish you could send your clients to.

Social impact

Want your pain program to really work? We’ll help you assess what’s working, and what you need for it to really make a difference.

Resources from our programs

Each program we have led, has resulted in artefacts to create a more integrated, informed approach to pain caring.

Resources about yoga and pain

  • Fact sheet for GPs
  • Referral form for clinicians and GPs
  • More here

Social impact resources

  • How to co-design your programs
  • Measure results outside of the medical model
  • Think about long term impact

“To change pain, we have to change beliefs”

Rachael West at TEDx Bunbury

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