A daily dose of yoga keeps the doctor away

A daily dose of yoga keeps the doctor away

Yogis tend to handle stress pretty well, not because they attend a two-hour yoga class every Saturday morning but because they have a daily practice that allows them to regulate their own bodies.

Dr Kelly McGonigal is the author of Yoga for Pain Relief, a health psychologist and Stanford University lecturer.  She explains that a yoga practice can make more of the important neurotransmitter GABA available to us, which enhances our resilience to stress. The effect is not cumulative, though: we have to get our “daily yoga dose” to keep the stress doctor away.

In Yoga for Pain I’ve been focussing more on helping people build a short but regular practice that fits in with their day.  While those who attend the weekly sessions move ahead in leaps and bounds, once they become regular almost-daily practitioners the benefits become exponential.

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