Scholarships to Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training

Since 2015 we have provided 11 scholarships to Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training for providers from regional Australia. This has led to new pain care yoga options in places where people with pain have very few other options.

Yoga for Pain Care Australia relies predominantly on volunteers so scholarships are made possible by our desire to help communities.

We welcome inquiries from organisations and communities who would like to sponsor local people to attend, so your community can be better equipped.

Who is eligible?

Applications are welcomed from skilled yoga teachers from regional Australia who can demonstrate capability and intention to have an extended impact with their work in this field; or to a teacher or health professional who will bring pain-sensitive yoga to an area with socio-economic challenges.

What’s the aim of the scholarship?

Sscholarships to Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training are offered to increase services to communities in need around Australia.

What do you receive?

  • 6.5-day foundations training
  • Case study to profile your work
  • Additional support to get your program up and running
  • 3 1-hour mentoring sessions over six months

You pay $485. (Value of the program is over $1950)

How do I apply?

Via application form. Places are highly competitive. Applications are announced when we advertise a new training.

What are previous scholarship winners doing now?

Past recipients of the regional rate include Jodie Gates  who ran Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis in Bunbury and Kirsten Mackintosh from East Gippsland with a large number of students with pain.

If you would like to host Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training in your community please get in touch.

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