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The Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability offers comprehensive webinars on chronic pain management.  In this session, Dr Ingrid Federoff explains that pain isn't all in your head, but that psychological factors do affect the likelihood of your recovery so are worth paying attention to.

Here are eight of Dr Federoff's key points to help you in your own care and when working with others:

Do you experience persistent pain, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue but live outside of Perth? Yoga for Pain Online is perfect for those who live outside of Western Australia, or wish to complete the program in their own time and in a location convenient to them. Through recordings, one-to-one coaching sessions by Skype and a series of reflective templates, you’ll learn the foundations for practicing and flourishing with yoga when you experience persistent pain.

Yogic Education definitionThe University of Lille, France, offers the only University Diploma in Yogic Education in the world.  Rachael completed her studies in 2011 and this model for integrative, self-directed health care now allows us to help those experiencing persistent pain to uncover wellness in all areas of their life. Wellness is more than the absence of physical discomfort

Christiana is hypermobile. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue in 2009 and had been bed-ridden and unable to work since. Christiana wanted to find a balanced level of energy to sustain daily activities and to learn to use her body in a safe way to build strength. Christina’s osteopath agreed that Yoga for Pain would be a good way for Christina to take control of her body and create new habits to build physical and emotional resilience.

Fibromyalgia management course Perth MelbourneFibromyalgia management course Melbourne April 11-12 Finding Your Feet with Fibromyalgia was Western Australia's first fibromyalgia management course.  It is being offered in Victoria for the first time. In this course you'll learn what your diagnosis means, best practice research for management, and how to be in charge of getting the health care you need. The program is delivered by Dr Kaye Brand, founder of The Fibromyalgia Support Network WA, and Rachael West, creator of Yoga for Pain, to meet a growing need for tailored support services in Australia.