Find a Yoga for Pain Practitioner

Find a yoga teacher in your area who understands persistent pain, or a health professional who understands yoga in pain care.

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Everyone listed here has successfully completed Yoga for Pain Foundations Level Training (as a minimum) and continues their learning as part of the Yoga for Pain Practitioner network. They also abide by a code of ethics to do their best to guide students into the most suitable class that will support you now and into the future.

The yoga teachers listed offer pain-friendly classes (suitable if you are comfortable moving without a pain flare and can adapt postures to suit you) pain-specific group yoga classes (groups just for people with pain) or one-to-ones.

The health professionals are great to call on for help preparing physically and mentally for your first yoga class. Some run mindful movement classes that are good preparation for yoga.

While everyone on this list is experienced and very caring, it’s important to remember yoga is not a medical treatment, and to do the background work to find the best provider for you. Ask questions, book a one-to-one before joining a group course and read our resources for tips about starting yoga when you have pain.

Let us know how you get on!


Karen Mulholland (Bentleigh) Yoga teacher at Moksha Yoga
Kirsten Casey (Vermont) Yoga teacher at Natural Motion Yoga
Tessa Heine (Mornington) Occupational therapist at Peninsula Health

Tina Bruce (Middle Park) Yoga teacher at Restore A Yoga Mum
Kate Morris (Northcote) Yoga teacher & Alexander Technique at Alexander Education
Michelle Sheriff

Jan Tepper
Maree Chambers
(Port Melbourne) Yoga teacher and community nurse at Yoga Time
Hannah Tregea

East Gippsland
Kirsten Mackintosh (Paynesville) Yoga teacher and nutritionist at Swan Cove


Alana Brass Physiotherapist and yoga teacher at Cor Motus
Pam Bleakley (Chifley) Yoga teacher at Vital Yoga
Dr Debra Harris Clinical psychologist and yoga teacher (phone 0438 656 366)
Alan Johns Physiotherapist

Lynette Heydenrych (Yarralumla) Yoga teacher (phone 0400828570)
Leah Epistola Occupational therapist
Marg Riley Psychologist and yoga teacher at Peaceful Spirit Yoga
Tracy Rowe (Acton and Deakin) Yoga teacher


Theresa Venz (Wembley) Yoga therapist and yoga teacher (Phone 0402 676 329) Arthritis-friendly*
Rachael West
(Mt Hawthorn) Yoga teacher and Yoga for Pain Trainer at Finding Yoga
Jane Leslie
(Shenton Park, Nedlands) Physiotherapist and Yoga for Arthritis ™ teacher at Wisdom Physio

Ian Cheok occupational therapist at Burswood Health
Simone Levy
Gemma Barter Psychologist
Julie Sutherland (Kalamunda) Yoga teacher
Nicki Walters (Lesmurdie) Yoga teacher phone 0400 373 100 Arthritis-friendly
Anna Struyven (Northern suburbs) Physiotherapist at Silverchain

WA Southwest
Jodie Gates (Bunbury) Yoga teacher at The Tree House Arthritis-friendly
Rosemary Harding  (Bunbury) Yoga teacher Hospice of Mother Tara Arthritis-friendly
Narelle Porter (Harvey) Yoga teacher


Shelley Barlow Physiotherapist at Ballina Community Health Pain Clinic
Jan Bavaresco
Occupational therapist
Anne-Maree Patch


Cheryl Wegner Occupational therapist & yoga teacher

Sonja Varendorff (The Gap) Physiotherapist & yoga teacher at Yoga Plus Physio
Pia Barrett
Yoga teacher

Gold Coast
Lisa Maria Nordstrom


Jessica Smith Yoga teacher at Jess Smith Yoga

Caroline Wong Yoga teacher

Rachael West
runs the 12-week Yoga for Pain online group course and offers 121s by Skype Finding Yoga


*Arthritis-friendly means teachers have completed introductory arthritis course through Yoga for Pain Care Australia. While their yoga classes aren’t arthritis-specific, they are able to discuss your needs for arthritis and ascertain if the class is suitable for you. And if it’s not a great fit, they have the knowledge and contacts to direct you to an appropriate teacher or health professional.