Yoga for Pain workshop Christchurch


A workshop for people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and other persistent pain conditions. Learn how gentle yoga can help reduce pain symptoms, build your confidence and get you back into exercise you love.

The 2-hour workshop followed by afternoon tea is offered at a subsidised rate as it forms part of the Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training. You will be practicing gentle yoga alongside yoga teachers and health professionals who want to better understand what it’s really like to have pain.

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We are visiting New Zealand from Australia to run one of our signature Yoga for Pain workshops. This is for you if you have persistent pain, fibromaylgia or chronic fatigue and want to learn how yoga can help you to reduce pain, move better and build your strength and confidence (without making your pain worse).

Friday March 3 2017
Christchurch YMCA

The session is led by Rachael West who has a degree in Yogic Education from the University of Lille, France. Rachael has been teaching specialist yoga to people with all kinds of pain since 2011.

As well as gentle movement and relaxation techniques that will leave you feeling calm and centred, you will be introduced to the Yoga for Pain Essential Meditation. This technique allows people with pain to reduce pain flares, improve the quality of movement, and consistently build a yoga practice that continues to gently challenge you as your capacity grows.

6 places available. (Note these places are not suitable if you are a health professional or yoga teacher.)

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