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Yoga for Pain is for people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or other persistent pain challenges who would like to learn to move more effortlessly. Friday April 17 11 - 1.30pm Workshop 1: effortless movement and working with your body Saturday May 2 11 - 1.30pm Workshop 2: perception of self through...

Fibromyalgia management course Perth MelbourneFibromyalgia management course Melbourne April 11-12 Finding Your Feet with Fibromyalgia was Western Australia's first fibromyalgia management course.  It is being offered in Victoria for the first time. In this course you'll learn what your diagnosis means, best practice research for management, and how to be in charge of getting the health care you need. The program is delivered by Dr Kaye Brand, founder of The Fibromyalgia Support Network WA, and Rachael West, creator of Yoga for Pain, to meet a growing need for tailored support services in Australia.

I run a yoga program for people suffering from chronic pain.  Today I was particularly inspired by the progress the current group of women have made in their understanding of their bodies and themselves. 16 weeks into their yoga experience they attempted - and many performed - crow pose, a challenging arm balance. 

To give you an idea of just how impressive this is, in lesson one of Yoga for Pain we often only move hands and feet because anything more aggravates the participants' pain. 

What makes this kind of progress possible?

Chloe wanted to take up more physical activity but was restricted by muscle and joint pain from sarcoidosis.  Her condition seemed to be exacerbated by being run down, and while she said she felt most well after a good sleep, she suffered from insomnia.  Chloe’s psychologist specialises in pain and recommended her to Yoga for Pain.