Rachael West

Rachael West Yoga for Pain trainer

Rachael is the founder of Yoga for Pain Care Australia.  Since 2011 she has taught specialist yoga programs to people with pain and fibromyalgia, and provided education to more than 300 health professionals.

In 2016 Rachael spoke at the 36th Annual Pain Scientific Meeting about the role of yoga in pain management and has lectured at hospitals, universities and community groups about yoga in health education. Her 2017 TEDx talk “How a little bit of yoga can help with a big health problem” has been widely viewed within Australia and internationally.

Rachael brings 15 years of experience designing learning programs in Australia and UK to her role, and detailed knowledge of social enterprise and the third sector. She was recently selected as a participant of the Emerging Leaders in Governance Program and acted as a Board Director trainee at Southcare.

Inspired by long term pain in her early 20s, Rachael sees yoga as more than a means for pain management – it offers a path to more meaningful lives and a solution to pain’s pyschosocial and cultural challenges.

Rachael holds a University Diploma in Yogic Education at the University of Lille, France, and a degree in Civil Engineering.  Rachael started practicing yoga in 1996 and is an accredited Level 2 Yoga Australia teacher.

Nicole Moore

NicoleNicole is our pain health expert. She delivers “What We Know About Pain” at our trainings in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Nicole is a pain management physiotherapist at The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) and has specialised in the field of neurology and pain for the past 10 years.

Nicole’s evaluation of the training as part of her Master in Public Health was presented as a poster at the Australian Pain Society’s 36th Annual Scientific Meeting and Nicole’s input played a significant part in shaping the Yoga for Pain training program.

She has successfully introduced the ‘mindful movement group’ within tertiary care.  Her wider mission is to help people with pain regain control of their health-care improved access to appropriate yoga programs.

Theresa Venz

Theresa Venz Training Assistant

Theresa is Yoga for Pain Care Australia’s training and research assistant. She brings an extensive background in anthropology and training as a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and Shiatsu massage therapist to the role. Theresa completed Yoga for Pain Preliminaries in 2015.

Theresa has practiced yoga for more than 20 years and has been teaching since 2011 with Cancer Council WA, Multiple Sclerosis Society of WA, King Edward Memorial Hospital, Bloom Yoga Room and Standing Strong, a wellness club for girls that aims to build confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Theresa works privately as a rehabilitation assistant.

Jane LeslieJane Leslie Yoga for Arthritis

Physiotherapist and yoga instructor Jane Leslie leads our Arthritis in Yoga module. After completing the evidence-based “Yoga for Arthritis”™ training in the US in 2014 Jane brought the 8-week course to Australia.

Jane brings a background in hospital, military and overseas aid physiotherapy, and 13 years focused on mind-body therapy approaches in private practice and community settings in Hong Kong, Melbourne and Perth.

Her work helps people of all ability levels modify their yoga practice to realise the full benefits of yoga.

Jane aims to connect clients with yoga teachers who have evidence-based specialty training. She believes these teachers are an important bridge for people moving from passive health care to community classes and their own practice.

Jane teaches Clinical Pilates, yoga and “Yoga for Arthritis”™ at Wisdom Physiotherapy Nedlands  W.A, and the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation (WA). She also completed Yoga for Pain Preliminaries in 2015.