Training schedule

Yoga for Pain Training (Practitioner Preliminaries) Bunbury

October 27-29

Exact times to be confirmed but these are a guide
Saturday 11-5
Sunday 9-5

Venue Yoga Life Studio

Our signature training for health professionals and yoga teachers. A rich overview of the essential knowledge for reaching people with persistent pain effectively through yoga. Upon successful completion you will be eligible for progression in more advanced trainings. Full course outline here or go straight to the application form below.



Yoga for Pain Training (Yoga for Pain Experiential) Bunbury

November 17-20

Exact times to be confirmed you will have about 24 hours of contact over the 4 days
Friday 2pm-6pm
Saturday 11am-6pm
Sunday 11am-6pm
Monday 11am-2pm

Venue Yoga Life Studio

Once you have completed Preliminaries, this 4-day practical module gives you direct experience of how yoga looks for the two most important stages of pain-healing, including how to clearly distinguish between them whether referring or teaching.


  • 4 pain-specific yoga classes that methodically progress people with pain from gentle to more physical movement
  • 2 pain-friendly classes
  • Modification of key yoga postures, including sun salutations, for pain-related limitations
  • Use of guided conversation to facilitate learning

Health professionals gain practical experience of using the 8 limbs of yoga to introduce pain patients to mindful movement, meditation and self-reflection. As well as being better informed, many health professionals say the Yoga for Pain frameworks are useful additional approaches for their pain clients. Yoga teachers learn to differentiate between pain-specific and pain-friendly group classes.

$800Aus for the 4 days on their own, or $1500 when combined with Preliminaries above (you must have completed Preliminaries to enrol).


Yoga for Pain Training (Mentoring in Application) Online

Wednesdays from September 13 2017

5pm-7pm (Perth time GMT+8) 5 weeks

Venue Zoom or Skype

This group mentoring program guides you to apply what you have learned in Foundations to teach a 4-week course of pain-specific or pain-friendly yoga classes with a small group of your own students with persistent pain. Includes templates, conversation and personal feedback on planning, delivering and learning from your teaching.

Email for more information.




Delivering skillful one-to-ones (online delivery)

Saturday December 2 2017

10am-2pm (Perth time GMT+8)

Private consults can help people with persistent pain begin a yoga practice that supports their capacity, time commitments and objectives. The personalised attention can mean better progress and more satisfaction for both student and teacher. This live, online workshop will give you tips and tools you can apply to run effective one-to-ones in general, but with a particular focus on clients with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or other forms of ongoing pain.

Email for information or book below. Open to all yoga teachers and health professionals who have achieved foundations level.



Yoga for Pain Workshop,  Bunbury

Saturday October 28

Venue Yoga Life Studio

This workshop is open to people with fibromyalgia, persistent pain and chronic fatigue. The 2-hour workshop followed by afternoon tea is offered at a subsidised rate as it forms part of the Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training. You will be practicing gentle yoga alongside yoga teachers and health practitioners learning how yoga can help people with persistent pain comfortable resume exercise, reduce their experience of pain and build confidence.



Payments by bank transfer

You can pay for courses and your annual membership by bank transfer. Account name Finding Yoga Pty Ltd BSB 066600 Account number 1228 0432.

Booking policy

  1. Please read the web page terms and conditions to help you make a good choice. The training we offer is not an accreditation or authorisation and is intended to support your work in areas where you already have appropriate qualifications.
  2. Once your application is successful we ask for a $250 deposit to secure your place. The deposit is non-refundable and the balance due 28 days prior to the training start date. If this is difficult for you please contact us in advance for alternative arrangements.
  3. We don’t generally offer refunds if you cancel less than 28 days beforehand. Cancellations earlier than this are refunded at 50% (not counting the deposit).
  4. While our training is not an accreditation or certification, in order to officially complete your course and have the opportunity to participate in the practitioner network or further modules, you must be present for all components and submit assignments.
  5. Assignment review is included as part of your course fees if you submit within 3 weeks of your training finishing. On average, allow 2-4 hours per weekend for assignments.
  6. Even if you don’t intend to submit assignments, please plan to attend the training you have booked for in full. If for some reason you are unable to attend part of your training or are late, we may not allow you to complete the course at that time to respect the learning of the rest of the group. You may be offered a place at a later training if places remain; you will need to re-apply and pay course fees again.
  7. Yoga for Pain Training is not a yoga teacher training so doesn’t equip you to teach yoga if you are not already qualified. It is also not an accreditation or certification.
  8. Please make sure you read through the course outline so you know what to expect. This course is not for those interested in ticking off training hours, or those looking to use yoga to fix pain. Pain is a complex human experience that you will learn more about as you practice and cannot be covered fully in a weekend.
  9. Foundations Training condenses a lot of concepts that may take you two years to implement fully. You learn the practical application of those concepts in additional trainings, and through mentoring.
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