Yoga and Arthritis (Level 1)

The special interest module Yoga and Arthritis develops Yoga for Pain Practitioners to apply new knowledge using the Yoga for Pain principles to help people with pain live healthy, meaningful lives.

Open to all Yoga for Pain Practitioners who have completed Foundations Training.

Outcomes for health professionalsJane Leslie Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training

Experience and witness the effects of appropriately-taught yoga for people with arthritis. Identify your own role in helping clients with arthritis prepare for yoga, including building effective referral pathways to teachers you trust, and how you communicate your recommendations for modifications or remedial work to a yoga teacher.

The training also offers transferable skills in exercise modification and how yoga fits into the overall management of arthritis, including the opportunities as we shift to different funding models for health and social care.
You will become familiar with the screening tool we propose yoga teachers use with students. Threaded the whole way through is the Yogic Education framework that helps bridge yoga and health care, without confusing the two.

Outcomes for yoga teachers

You will be able to apply key principles of teaching for arthritis to individuals and groups with mixed abilities, creating an environment that helps people with arthritis feel safe and benefit from your classes.

You will also deepen your understanding of using the Yogic Education model to strengthen relationships with health care, learn to use a patient screening tool, and implement referral pathways. Combined these reduce risks to you and your students, and optimise outcomes through effective communication regarding each student’s unique condition and requirements.

In addition to the teaching principles and health care application you will gain a basic understanding of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis – the anatomy, presentation and daily experience.

What’s included

  • Arthritis physiology
  • Teaching principles and modifications
  • Practical examples of teaching 8 asana covering 2-3 body areas/joints
  • Screening tools
  • Red flags and the spine
  • When to refer on
  • Functional and social challenges people with arthritis experience
  • Interviews with people with arthritis to hear what it’s like to have arthritis
  • Health practitioner perspective on working with people with arthritis
  • Arthritis yoga class led by Jane Leslie
  • Pre-reading
  • Handouts and templates

Course facilitators

Jane Leslie

Jane Leslie Yoga for ArthritisJane Leslie is a physiotherapist, yoga instructor and authorised for Yoga for Arthritis”™ teacher. After completing the evidence-based “Yoga for Arthritis”™ training in the US in 2014 Jane brought the 8-week course to Australia. Since Jane took over, numbers in classes at the Foundation have grown to the point that there is a significant wait list.

Jane brings a background in hospital, military and overseas aid physiotherapy, and 13 years focused on mind-body therapy approaches in private practice and community settings in Hong Kong, Melbourne and Perth. Her work helps people of all ability levels modify their yoga practice to realise the full benefits of yoga.

Jane aims to connect clients with yoga teachers who have evidence-based specialty training. She believes these teachers are an important bridge for people moving from passive health care to community classes and their own practice.

Jane teaches Clinical Pilates, yoga and “Yoga for Arthritis”™ at Wisdom Physiotherapy Nedlands  W.A, and the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation (WA).

Rachael West

Rachael profile green dressRachael is the founder of Yoga for Pain Care Australia. She has a degree in Yogic Education from the University of Lille, France and,  since 2011 has taught specialist yoga programs to people with pain and fibromyalgia. Rachael has also provided education to more than 300 health practitioners, including training more than 50 through the 2.5-day Yoga for Pain Foundations Training.

Rachael’s enthusiasm for helping yoga teachers expand their knowledge and practical application of their skill base has helped her to grow Yoga for Pain Care Australia into an organisation with national presence.

In 2016 Rachael was invited to speak at the 36th Annual Pain Scientific Meeting about the role of yoga in pain management. She has lectured at hospitals, universities and community groups about yoga in health education. Rachael is a skilled facilitator with particular skill in challenging participants to think broadly about the impact of their work and how to get the best results.


Pre-requisite:  Foundations Training, including implementing feedback from assignments.

Booking policy

Note that this training does not authorise you to teach Yoga for Arthritis, which is a trademarked brand. It’s also not a specialisation in this area but you can say you have done additional training to deepen your understanding of this field.

Please read the full booking policy on the schedule page, and the terms and conditions below.

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