Advisory board


Nicole Moore

NicolePain management physiotherapist Nicole Moore provided the spark for a pilot of a multi-disciplinary Yoga for Pain training program in 2014. She continues to provide expert input on practitioner assessment and integration with tertiary care.

At the Australian Pain Society’s 36th Annual Scientific Meeting, Nicole instigated what was to be a packed topical session on yoga and mindfulness in pain management.

Nicole has specialised in the field of neurology and pain for over 10 years, including the last five at The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH). She completed her Masters of Public Health in 2015 and has successfully introduced the ‘mindful movement group’ within tertiary care. Nicole is a qualified mindfulness facilitator and the founder of mindfulBeing which offers Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) programs.

Cassie Dewar

A highly regarded leader in the social impact community, Cassie was the 2017 recipient of the Center for Social Impact National Scholarship and is completing post graduate study in Social Impact at the University of Western Australia.

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia many years ago, Cassie’s personal lived experience of pain brings a unique and honest perspective to the organisation. She completed the 12-week Yoga for Pain course in 2016.

Cassie is also the founder of Inspirationery, an eco-friendly stationery label that invests 50% of profits in empowering women and girls. Cassie is passionate about harnessing the power of business to create positive change and is acutely aware of how chronic pain can affect our ability to reach our potential.

Marg Riley

Marg has worked with children, young people, their parents and teachers from P-Year 12 for the last 27 years as psychologist, school counsellor and librarian. She also teaches yoga and mindfulness to adolescents and adults, including those with social challenges, disability and chronic illness.

Marg’s previous strategic experience includes the role of a school board, chair of the board for an accommodation service for homeless young people, and psychology supervision.

Marg has deep experience working with people who have experienced trauma, including training in trauma sensitive yoga, and a key role delivering trauma training to ACT teachers. Her yoga practice is focussed on people who might not normally come to yoga ie those living with chronic conditions, mental health issues, aging, chronic pain.  She loves the way her two passions – yoga and psychology –  have merged through new discoveries in neuroscience.

Anna Struyven

Physiotherapist Anna Struyven brings a natural enthusiasm for life to Yoga for Pain Care Australia, with a particular interest in helping older people stay active and enjoy life. Anna works for the not-for-profit organisation Silverchain, helping people stay independent and comfortable in their own homes.

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