Find a Yoga for Pain Program

Yoga for Pain is a structured 12-week program especially for people with persistent pain. It’s a great place to begin your yoga journey or to go to when you can no longer do the practice you once did due to pain. As well as helping you to move better Yoga for Pain will help you to examine your beliefs about pain, better understand how pain works, and track your progress through workbooks and resources to help you practice at home.

Yoga for Pain Part 1

The first part of the 12-week Yoga for Pain program is available as a group program via Skype and lessons emailed to you at home. Upcoming dates are available on our training dates page here. Open to people with pain, and yoga teachers and health practitioners interested in personal learning or teacher accreditation.

Rachael West, Finding Yoga

Rachael offers the 12-week Yoga for Pain program in Perth. Yoga for Pain Online and one-to-ones are also available. She has been teaching specialist yoga since 2011. Find Rachael’s courses here.

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