L1 Practitioner Training (Pre-reading)

Dear participants

Here is your course pre-reading! Much of it is audio or video. Please give yourself time to read (or watch) and absorb the ‘required’ pre-reading. Scan the ‘recommended’ list for items you would benefit from. (If something is unfamiliar, we suggest casting your eye over it so you at least have an idea of what it is.)

If everyone is diligent with pre-reading we all get to start on the same page and can dive straight into the good stuff.

Required (approx 80 minutes of material)

Overview/Introduction to course  (20 minutes mp3)
Hunter Medicare Local – Understanding Pain in 5 minutes
Lorimer Mosley – Why things hurt (15 minutes)
Yoga for Pain case studies (read at least one)
Meet the Practitioners (read What is a Practitioner? and scan others to see what other Practitioners are doing)
Research (read at least one of our summaries of research papers)
Script-wise: Why Codeine is no longer available over the counter short video + info sheet
Painaustralia (get a feel for what they do and the short, informative web pages about who has pain and where to get treatment)

Recommended (approx 90 minutes of material)

Resources for clients

Training handouts

Nicole Moore resources

Optional (may be of interest to some)

Kelly McGonigal (author, Yoga for Pain Relief) – how yoga, meditation and self-compassion can help with pain at Stanford Doctors Speak (1 hour).
Sara Lazar How meditation can reshape our brains TEDx Cambridge (8 mins)
Which kind of yoga is best for back pain? (Yoga for Pain Care Australia blog)
Yoga notes 1 – background to yoga
Yoga Australia Requirements for professional membership (curriculum table)
Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine: managing opioid dependence in rural areas (1 hour podcast – the first speaker is very, very dry and I couldn’t listen! RW)
Flinders Chronic Condition Management Program 2017 Information in pdf


Your team at this training will be Rachael, Nicole (by video and Skype), Theresa and Jane. Read about them here.

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