Become a Yoga for Pain Facilitator

A regular yoga practice can help reduce the physical and mental impacts of pain. The full 3 month Yoga for Pain Program provides you with the tools and support to build a yoga practice that will help you move better, manage stress and get back into activities you love. 

We are now offering Yoga for Pain Part 1 as an online program. It is open to health practitioners and people with pain for personal learning, and to yoga teachers who wish to gain accreditation to teach.

For a full description of the Yoga for Pain Program read the course flyer.

About Yoga for Pain Part 1

This 5-week course introduces techniques, skills and progressive learning that help people with pain use their body more effortlessly, soothe the nervous system and build confidence. It begins with gentle exercises to help with the main triggers of pain by calming the nervous system, helping release tension and creating a clearer mind.  The goal is to get participants moving comfortably, build resilience to stress, and find confidence in their body.

You cover:

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques to calm the nervous system
  • Gentle meditation to focus the mind
  • How to avoid pain flares after movement
  • An introduction to yoga theory and philosophy
  • Gentle yoga asana (postures)
  • How to modify postures to suit your capacity on a given day

Critical to program success is the facilitated group discussion, and support materials that allow participants to engage in their own self-reflective learning and apply Yoga for Pain principles to daily activities. Each session includes workbook, guided relaxation and movement instruction.

How to get started as yoga teacher
As a Yoga for Pain Facilitator we promote your courses and you have access to all online materials for your students, including workbooks, recordings and between-lesson emails. There is space to add your own spark to each lesson, or to teach the course exactly as provided.

You can begin the Teacher’s Module at any time but to become a Yoga for Pain Facilitator you will need to complete the 2.5-day Yoga for Pain Foundations Training.

Step 1. Complete group course as a participant (information below) $225

Step 2. Apply for teacher’s module $55

Application is via reflective essay and application form. You’ll need to have level 1 Yoga Australia membership or equivalent. Whatever the result you’ll receive extensive feedback on your essay that you can use to guide your teaching.

Step 3. Complete Teacher’s Module $225

In the Teacher’s Module you are supported to lead Yoga for Pain Part 1 for a small group of your own students. This includes learning to facilitate conversation (based on the Yoga for Pain workbook questions), support to deal with students with high needs, and providing students with effective between-class support.

You begin by meeting other teacher trainees in an orientation Skype call (1.5 hours). Weekly online meetups (1.5 hours each week for 4 weeks) give you time to discuss your classes, receive teaching guidance and work through problems. You are provided with templates to capture student feedback and your learnings after each session.

The teacher’s module is completed with submission of a reflective essay.

4. Apply for accreditation to teach $55

How to get started if you have pain
Yoga for Pain Part 1 is great if you live in the country or can’t make classes for other reasons. You’ll develop skills that will help you join yoga in your community, and it combines the convenience of self-paced home learning with support of a small, facilitated online group.


1. Introduction to Yoga for Pain Care (2 hour home workshop)
Yoga techniques to help you get more comfortable with your body and soothe your nervous system through mindful movement. Four audio lessons 10 to 25 minutes plus 25-page manual.

2. Weekly practice (4 x 1.5 hour home lessons)
Make yoga part of your routine. Four classes emailed to you with short pdf workbook, guided relaxation and easy-to-follow gentle movement audio.

3. Extra information, interesting readings and podcasts
Each week you’ll receive support emails with optional additional reading and listening to help you learn more and feel supported between sessions. 

4. Online group support (5 x 1-hour Skype sessions)
Weekly sessions facilitated by Rachael West with time to ask questions and hear from others around Australia doing the course with you.

Approximate time commitment: 1.5 hours own practice + 1 hour group conversation each week.
Requisites: You need to be able to use Skype and download mp3s to do this program.
Price: $225
Maximum 8 in each online group.


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